Saturday, 22 July 2017

Plastic Free July: Week 3

Week 3 has generally been great, because I haven't gone out. You can't buy things in packaging if you are home all day. Wins include my reusable snack pouches arriving from Noah's Ark Baby, ordering bamboo plates for Xiaobao for weaning (all of the packaging of the plates was plastic free and I will reuse the envelope) and joining the Go Real Parent's Club.

Here is how our week looked

  • Avoid lightweight plastic bags, by always carrying reusable shopping bags in the front of the changing bag - I have managed to not have any this week. We even went without using one for our loose vegetables and fruit from the supermarket today.
  • Avoid skincare products containing microbeads, by looking out for polyethylene, polypropylene, polymethylmethacrylate, PET, PTFE and PMMA. - I haven't had to buy any skincare products this week
  • Avoid buying new cleaning product bottles, either by refilling at a local shop that offers refills or by making our own cleaners where possible. - No plastic bottles this week! Not for drinks or for cleaning products.
  • Avoid using takeaway plastic straws, by opting not to use a straw or bringing a reusable straw with us. - We haven't had any cold drinks out. I've ordered brushes to clean the inside of our reisable straws, so I can start bringing them with us when out and about.
  • Avoid using takeaway coffee cups, by bringing a reusable cup or sitting down and drinking from a real cup in the cafe - I actually became quite upset this week. The one day I went out, I ordered a coffee at the cafe in our local park. He didn't even ask if we wanted to drink in (we did) and just made it in a disposable cup. I had my takeaway cup with me, so if I had known I would have used it. 
  • Avoid using takeaway utensils and containers, by ordering less takeaway food, bringing our own containers or dining in - I really feel like were making excuses on this weekly, but now the baby is going through a phase of separation anxiety. It involves heart wrenching crying whenever I leave her alone. My husband was out two evenings this week, so I ended up having two takeaways. It will definitely have to become my main focus.
  • Avoid using one-use plastic bottles, by no longer buying soft drinks and carrying a reusable water bottle - Whenever we go out, we now bring our own reusable water bottles
  • Avoid using plastic food wrap, by storing leftovers in containers and making my own beeswax wraps - We have stored all of our leftovers in containers this week. I still need to make our own beeswax wraps. 
  • Avoid buying plastic toys, by opting for sustainable wooden toys - I bought Xiaobao a wooden animal puzzle from the charity shop this week. For the short time that toddlers and pre-schoolers use simple puzzles, buying them second hand is definitely the way to go.
  • Avoid using plastic cotton buds, by buying cotton buds with cardboard tubes - I haven't had to buy any cotton buds this week
My new snackbags

All in all, I feel we are moving in the right direction. The big issue we need to deal with next week is takeaways. The biggest change is that Plastic Free July is really making us rethink how we sop. While we're currently still using supermarkets, we're trying to choose them based on the amount of produce we can buy without packaging and we are choosing products by the type of packaging they are in. It feels like we are making a real change to our lives.

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