Monday, 3 July 2017

Xiaobao's Favourite Toys: 4 months

This is not a sponsored post. All links are to lovely small businesses that we have used ourselves.

Looking back on pictures of Baobao, the way we are parenting Xiaobao is very different to the way we parented Baobao in the first year. Xiaobao's floor-time has been characterised by minimal intervention, whereas I have videos of myself attempting to teach Baobao to roll and having her sitting in contraptions to help her sit.

Over the last month, Xiaobao has learnt to sit, when placed in a sitting position. She can roll confidently and makes her way around a room by going backwards, side-to-side and launching herself forward when on her tummy. It's not quite crawling but it's close. She happily passes things from hand to hand, has started to bite things and has started to deliberately shake toys.

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