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"Play is the work of the child." - Maria Montessori

Here at Baobao Tea and Soy, I firmly believed in children learning through their play. As an early years teacher, small group activities, based around children’s interests, as well as expanding their experiences inspired me. As a parent to a one year old, I believe in the ethos of learning through play and experiences even more.

In December 2015, I gave up work to become a stay at home mum to Baobao. I am incredibly lucky to be able to have this experience with her. Now I dedicate my life to offering her age appropriate learning experiences, through a mixture of child led and adult initiated activities. I am a firm believer in narrating over her experiences. Allowing her to explore, primarily without adult intervention, only commentating on what she is doing to allow her the experience of language.

Baobao is the main focus of this blog. It will chart her experiences and progress, as I share her activities and interests with you. This will include her outfits once a week. Since she was 14 months old, Baobao has chosen her outfit in the morning, I would like to share her sartorial choices with you.
Then, of course, there is the more theoretical side of the blog. Nurseries, childminders and schools all use the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) to chart progress and plan activities and next steps for the children in their care. After working in a joint Reception and Nursery setting for 5 years, I am well versed in the different areas of development. I quite often refer to it when thinking of activities for Baobao and it means I can raise any concerns with my local health visiting team earlier. It can be difficult for parents to access, however, and so I would like to use this blog to provide an access point to developmental information.

Books and reading, is another great passion, here at Baobao Tea and Soy, and so I will have regular book reviews, both of books related to the ethos here at Baobao Tea and Soy, and reviews from Baobao’s perspective of the books that she enjoys having read to her.

I hope you enjoy your time here browsing Baobao Tea and Soy and that you find something useful to use with your own children.

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