Montessori Challenge

Carine, over at Montessori Family is hosting a Montessori Challenge and here at Baobao Tea and Soy, I thought we could join in.

Although we're definitely not a fully Montessori family, there are aspects that I find incredibly interesting. Baobao is very much in the "Me Do It" phase of development, so anything that allows her to do things more independently, will mean less frustration and so fewer tantrums. This promotion of independence combined with the values of respecting and observing the child, means that Montessori really appeals to me.

With that in mind, Carine's challenge of going from area to area, one month at a time, seems perfect. We can change our home to make it more friendly towards toddler independence, but spread the cost by only doing one room at a time. Going room by room means that the changes will be gradual, allowing Baobao to accept them more easily.

So join us at the end of each month to see how we have transformed our different living spaces.

Month 1 - The Bathroom
Month 2 - The Kitchen
Month 3 - Toys

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